Ask Us About Our 5-Year Limited Warranty

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5-Year Limited Warranty

Southern Doors & Windows warrants that each door and window bearing the  brand or identification to be of good material, workmanship, and to be free of defects that would consider the door unserviceable or not usable for recommended use for a period of Five (5) Years from time of shipment. Failure to comply with included handling, installation, and finishing instructions and guidelines will void this warranty.

Warp will be considered a defect only if the warp exceeds 1/4" in the plane of the door when measured with a straight edge on doors 3'-0" x 7'-0" and smaller. Doors exceeding 3'-0" x 7'-0" are excluded from coverage under this warranty. Improper door hanging and/or out-of-square door frames are not considered defects and are excluded from this warranty.

Certain characteristics of solid stile and rail doors such as minor swelling and shrinkage of component parts, natural variation in wood color and texture, minor pitch pockets, and variation due to natural expansion and contraction caused by climatic or atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature are not considered defects and will not be covered under this warranty.

Living Room with Large Windows

Any doors determined to be defective and in compliance with the warranty provisions stated will be either replaced, or purchase price refunded at the option of the buyer. Southern Doors & Windows will make final determination as to whether or not a defect exists in accordance with established procedures.

Southern Doors & Windows liability is expressly limited to product replacement or purchase price refund. Southern Doors & Windows will not be liable for any other expense, injury, loss, or damage resulting from the use, or inability to properly use, any product sold by Southern Doors & Windows, for any purpose. No buyer/purchaser shall be entitled to consequential damages as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code. Making a Claim: Please contact the dealer, distributor, or Southern Doors & Windows as soon as convenient.